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Kitchen Remodeling & Patio Installation in Los Angeles, California

Ned Parker Construction Inc. in Los Angeles, California, specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, as well as deck and patio installation, adding space, comfort, and visual appeal.

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you would like to maximize your space, build an island, or add a modern touch to your kitchen, our highly experienced contractors will help you every step of the way! We offer design development, consultations, and free estimates to make sure you get the kitchen you have always dreamed of owning, at the price you are willing to pay!

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you're looking for a sleek modern look, something more traditional and elegant, or anything in between, our construction contractor has the experience and advanced training to get the job done right the first time. From bathroom construction to bathroom refinishing and renovation service, we do it all!

In fact, we are a full-service bathroom remodeler, and that means that we have brought together expertise across several disciplines, including plumbing, electrical work, lighting, and construction, to create a cost-effective and efficient process for installing unparalleled bathrooms.

Patio Design & Installation

A patio or deck is the hub of a home's outdoor activities. Virtually no home exists without one, and that is where a lot of the outdoor fun takes place. A concrete patio or deck designed the right way will last a lifetime and give you a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Using concrete is the start that will provide your patio or deck with a firm foundation and an appealing, multi-use surface. Let our concrete professionals help you choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to create the perfect outdoor patio or deck environment. 

Because there are so many options to designing a great concrete patio or deck, we will help get you started by asking the right questions and pointing you in the right direction for your project's budget and size.

Kitchen,    Kitchen Remodeling & Patio Installation in Los Angeles, California
Bathroom, Kitchen Remodeling & Patio Installation in Los Angeles, California

To learn more about our kitchen remodeling services, contact us today and set up your free on-site consultation!